Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you allow audits? We do not allow audits to preserve the currently enrolled students’ work and mindset.
  2. Do I have to take the Intensive first before I jump into class? Yes, the Intensive is the a prerequisite that is built upon in the On-Going classes.
  3. What is the Intensive? Saxon holds a monthly Intensive that is a jam packed week with 5 classes and about 30 hours of work, where she breaks down the language and techniques used in the On-Going classes.
  4. How do I get into the Intensive? Saxon offers a one-on-one conversation where you can ask questions about her styles and methods.  She gets to know a little about you regarding your training and goals. From there, you would be placed into one of her Intensives. Saxon’s Intensives are limited in class size in order to personalize her direction and teachings for each student.
  5. How much is the Intensive? $500. A deposit of $200 is due two weeks before the first day of class in order to reserve your spot.
  6. How can I get into an On-Going class? You must first take or have taken one of her Intensives.  After your Intensive, you can then transfer into either her On-Going Scene Study class or her On-Camera Audition Technique class.
  7. When are your On-Going classes?Mondays at 6PM: Scene Study, Tuesdays at 6PM: On-Camera Audition Technique, Wednesdays at 10AM: On-Camera Audition Technique
  8. Where is the studio located? The studio is located near Fairfax & Wilshire, 90048.
  9. What does the Scene Study class entail? In the Scene Study class, you will develop and deepen your character work.
  10. What does the On-Camera class entail? In the On-Camera class, each student is given current casting material the night before to prep as if they were really auditioning for it in class the next day.
  11. How much are On-Going classes? There are 4 classes per month at $225/month.
  12. How long do the On-Going classes last? They last about 3-4 hours.
  13. Does everyone work every class? Yes, absolutely. Saxon would not have it any other way. It is important to her that everyone gets a chance to work every class.